Many European Fulfillment Centres One Point of Access

Many European Fulfillment Centres One Point of Access

What we offer – Logistics Management & Services

As a fulfillment company, we offer you an easy, affordable and fully automated solution in order to manage the process of receiving, packaging and shipping orders for goods. Become our client and join our revolution in E-commerce now!

Same-day Dispatch on Αll Fulfillment Orders

Secure Cash on Delivery with Fast Fund Transfer

Access the largest EU Markets From One Point of Access

Managing your Warehouse & Shipping online is easy now

We support you in all processes related to your shipments and deliveries and help you establishing the link between production and distribution. An optimal warehousing solution enables you to handle deliveries and returns promptly and provides you with the necessary overview of status, products, etc. in real time. Just connect via our Software Systems Integration or download our EasyBIZ App.

EasyBIZ App

A complimentary online management application that provides you with a large number of features and possibilities.

The use of the application is extremely beneficial for small and medium sized business, especially those that don’t own a Warehouse Management Software Program. It connects your inventory management to the shipment tracking. Easy-BIZ benefits you with Demand Planning, Improved Security and Reduced Operational Expenses.

  • Online Inventory Creation
  • Packing List Creation
  • Warehouse Supply Pre-alert system
  • Order Creation – Waybill Generation
  • Attaching Documents (Invoices, Return forms, Special offers)
  • Shipment Tracking Tool
  • Shipment’s Updating System
  • Inventory Management
Multilingual customer support

System integration Web Services (complimentary)

System integration is essential both for business-to-business communication and internal cooperation within an enterprise.

In very broad terms, system integration is the process of connecting different sub-systems (components) into a single larger system that functions as one. With regards to software solutions, system integration is typically defined as the process of linking together various IT systems, services and/or software to enable all of them to work functionally together. BIZ offers the possibility to all of its clients to integrate with our IT system. Such an integration allows clients to perform various activities.

  • Automatically generate BIZ IDs for products
  • Automatically generate Waybill Numbers for orders
  • Obtain the full tracking history of each order
  • Check the address accuracy of all provided orders via Google Maps database
  • Track incoming payments in regards to shipments connected to a cash or collect-on-delivery service
  • Provide BIZ with new updates regarding shipments that are still within the delivery process
  • Attach all relevant documents to orders (Invoices, Return forms, Special offers)

Additional Services

Order Confirmation Call

Enhanced Successful Delivery Percentage!
Reduced shipping costs!

An additional service that helps reduce costs, when dealing with online cash on delivery buyers who might have changed their mind. Our client can choose this service per order. When opted, our Customer Support contacts the consignee prior to shipping, to verify all delivery details. In case a consignee wishes to cancel the shipment, the delivery is canceled and not billed, plus comments and feedback the consignee wishes to share, are automatically sent to the client.

  • 3 call attempts prior to shipment
  • Delivery details verification
  • Free Order cancellation
  • Automatic Feedback Report provided

*Order Confirmation Call is not yet available in all markets we deliver. Please consult our sales team first at [email protected]

Reverse Logistics Service

Through our Reverse Logistics Service, clients can provide their online buyers with a domestic return location.

This option allows online shoppers to return their online purchases (wrong size, buyer wants a refund etc.) with any carrier or method of their choice, reducing costs both for the shopper and the client of BIZ. The option of consolidation also saves our clients costs and time, when dealing with returned orders.

  • Receipt of returned orders – shipments at any of our available locations
  • Processing returns (checking order number, courier company, condition of returned items etc.)
  • Registering all information obtained and providing it to the customers
  • Storage of all incoming items with a purpose of fulfilling new orders
  • Consolidation of all or some incoming items (defective, damaged etc.) and shipping the consolidated boxes (or pallets) to any designated destination