Using order updates to improve customer experience

Using order updates to improve customer experience

Effective communication is an important aspect of today’s modern business environment. It is not only a way to stand out, engage and inform customers, but marketing surveys have also shown that delivery notifications massively improve customer experience post-purchase. Whether via email or SMS, delivery updates are a powerful tool for keeping customers happy and, in turn, loyal. Furthermore, they are also easy to set up which makes them essential for all companies.  

Keeping customers informed and reassured 

These days virtually everyone has a smartphone which they use on a daily basis – the average person checks their phone 160 times a day! Modern customers expect to be kept up to date about their orders and react particularly positively to SMS notifications; such messages are generally read in under three minutes and are essential in keeping buyers reassured. By the use of order receipts and delivery notifications, customers are informed of a successful transaction and kept in the loop. Simple status updates about a purchase like, “Order received” and “Your order has been shipped”, tell customers everything of import to them that is going on with their order and show them that everything is proceeding as planned. They are also helpful when there are unexpected delays: Rather than keeping buyers in the dark and worried (or even angry), in this way customers are quickly and effectively informed about what has happened and what they can expect. This not only shows that the company they ordered from is on the case and in control, but it also builds trust through transparency. 

This is especially important when it comes to online orders. E-commerce keeps transforming by the means of new technology and today most online retailers ask for payment in advance rather than on delivery. To reduce anxiety, it is beneficial to document every step of the way leading to a successful purchase. Customers should be informed when payment is received, when their order is shipped, and when it will arrive at their doorstep. By sending customers notifications, vendors reassure them and prove that they are reliable business partners. It highlights how important every single delivery is to them and that they value the client’s peace of mind. Moreover, this is especially effective if orders can be tracked and traced in real time – an informed customer is a happy customer! 

Advantages of SMS Delivery Notifications 

Despite the widespread use of smartphones, people do not check their emails as often as other messaging apps. Many companies nevertheless use emails to inform customers about order updates and while it does work, it is not as prompt as SMS. SMS are checked almost instantly and have a staggering open rate of 98%. Compared to email open rates of 20 to 30%. Hence, it’s easy to see just how effective an SMS is! Another great benefit of SMS is that there is no need for an internet connection to send or receive them. 

Marketing opportunities through notifications 

While marketing emails and SMS are a dime a dozen and usually annoying, delivery updates are better received because they serve a purpose. Customers will want to open and read them, which offers a great opportunity for brand placement. Mentioning a brand or online store in an order update or shipping notification is not intrusive but reminds customers of who is making an effort to keep them informed. It is also possible to include a link back to a webpage or platform, increasing the chances for return customers, or a simple call to action. 

Setting up a successful delivery 

Failed deliveries are annoying for customers and costly for shipping services. Accurate delivery notifications and predictions allow customers to plan ahead which, therefore, help all parties involved. Using an effective communication channel greatly increases the chances of a successful delivery on the first attempt. It is also important to note that most customers expect to be kept informed about their delivery time slot as well as failed delivery attempts by delivery carriers and couriers. On the other hand, not keeping customers up to date can cause them a great deal of frustration and anger, especially since it can be quite difficult and time-consuming to get information from customer service hotlines or through online service tickets. It is far more efficient and greatly beneficial for customer satisfaction and retention to make use of emails or SMS to communicate with clients.