Shopify Fulfillment: Connecting BIZ LiNK and Shopify

Shopify Fulfillment: Connecting BIZ LiNK and Shopify

Our very own eCommerce integration system, the BIZ LiNK is not just a plugin for existing systems; it is a standalone service platform that is capable of integrating and normalizing the fulfilment and distribution capabilities of multiple other eCommerce platforms. We are proud to announce that it is now able to integrate perfectly with one of the world’s most popular shopping systems: Shopify!

Through hard work and continuous, valuable feedback from our customers, our team has developed an eCommerce and Shopify fulfillment solution that is easy to use and set up, it seamlessly connects the two systems and saves our valued clients time as well as money. There is no need for manual interaction at all anymore, Shopify shipments are automatically entered into the BIZ system where order fulfillment runs its course while user workflow does not have to change in any way and can continue as usual. After all, keeping your customers happy is the key to success!

3PL for Shopify, user-friendly and easy to use

Learning how to use a new plugin or app for Shopify order fulfillment can be overwhelming and tiresome at times. First you have to figure out the ins and outs of the program yourself, then you have to introduce it to your customers and have them accept the new system.

With BIZ LiNK that’s a thing of the past! We offer our own standalone suite of apps and web services that can be integrated seamlessly with your existing shopping program. No need for extended training periods and customer migration, just connect BIZ LiNK with your established platform, everything else happens automatically!

The BIZ LiNK platform – The Best Fulfillment Service for Shopify

The BIZ LiNK eCommerce system offers a number of advantages over competing order fulfillment and warehousing platforms:

  • The entire Biz fulfillment lifecycle is powered by Shopify automatically
  • Real-time reporting through the already familiar interface
  • Excellent and transparent support for Shopify stock management and multi-site distribution
  • Customer oriented and fully managed Shopify fulfilment service – our customer support team handles the onboarding and migration process and helps with other overheads as well
  • Virtually no learning curve as both vendor and customers continue to sell and buy in their usual way
  • Additionally, vendors have seamless access to BIZ’s advanced shipping offering without the need to get carrier accounts

Custom Fulfillment for Shopify

Shopify boasts an impressive 500,000 active stores in 175 countries and is already one of the top three eCommerce platforms in the world.  It also shows a stunning 126% year-over-year average growth making it one of the fastest growing systems. Naturally, we want to integrate such a powerhouse into our BIZ Link system!

Connecting the BIZ LiNK eCommerce platform with Shopify has many advantages for vendors and is easy to set up. With just a few simple steps, every Shopify user can streamline his supply chain and incorporate custom order fulfillment:

  • First, the vendor completes the necessary paperwork to receive his BIZ authentication credentials so he can log into his fresh BIZ LiNK account
  • BIZ sends a collaboration request to the vendor’s store or stores via the BIZ Shopify partner account
  • Then the client has to accept the request and allocates the requested permissions
  • Finally, BIZ LiNK automatically syncs the client’s products into the BIZ network, completing the third-party integration

And that’s it! In just a few simple steps, the client can now use BIZ LiNK to automate his supply chain management:

  • The vendor, as the administrator of their storefront, contacts the Shopify administration to set Shopify to order stock supply from BIZ third party fulfillment services
  • The BIZ team configures a dynamic set of “fulfillment rules” that determine and govern automation, like packaging options and so on
  • Once stock is processed and available in our BIZ warehouses, buying orders are automatically run through BIZ LiNK and fulfilled

We want to provide the best 3PL service for Shopify, so our customers are able to focus on their core competencies rather than worrying about their supply chain management. BIZ LiNK takes care of incoming orders, we at BIZ manage warehousing, shipping and processing – automatically, effectively and fast. It’s the perfect Shopify fulfillment service! Buyers and vendors even have the option of issuing return labels from the Shopify storefront or administration to make returns as smooth and simple as possible.