Twój niezawodny Dostawca Usług Fulfillment

  • BIZ działa w branży Dostaw Ostatniej Mili od roku 2005, w sektorze Fulfillment od roku 2011.
  • Od 2013 roku z powodzeniem rozdystrybuowaliśmy ponad 5 milionów paczek na 16 europejskich rynkach. Obecnie mamy do czynienia z 130.000 dostaw miesięcznie (60% związanych z usługą Fulfillment, a 40% z usługą Dostawy Ostatniej Mili z naszych punktów odbioru -injection points – na terenie Europy).
  • Duża część z tych dostaw korzysta ze standardowego serwisu Cash on Delivery – płatności gotówką przy odbiorze.

Biz od 2013 r.

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Nasza historia

Utrzymanie dotychczasowego klienta wymaga tyle samo umiejętności, co pozyskanie nowego.

Historia naszej firmy sięga roku 2005, kiedy to w centrum Aten zaczynaliśmy naszą działalność praktycznie od zera. Pierwszymi usługami świadczonymi przez BIZ były lokalne dostawy i odbiory rachunków realizowane na obszarze ateńskiej metropolii.

Założyciel i dyrektor generalny BIZ Courier & Logistics S.A., Paul A. Duff, pochodzi z Wielkiej Brytanii, ale wychował się w Grecji. Biznes rozpoczął od otwarcia biura w swoim domu, z którego to miejsca realizował zamówienia dla małej grupy wiernych klientów, docierając do nich na swoich prywatnych motocyklach Aprilia Pegaso 650cc i Honda Varadero 1000cc.

Dzięki lojalności swoich klientów i osobistemu gorliwemu dążeniu do dalszego rozwoju BIZ, Paul poświęcił się całkowicie celowi przekształcenia swojej małej działalności w niezawodną lokalną firmę kurierską. Zatrudnił wówczas swoich pierwszych współpracowników i w ciągu kilku lat jego firma była w stanie zaoferować swoim klientom usługi, o których stało się głośno w całej Grecji. Kryzys roku 2008 wstrząsnął gospodarką Grecji, w następstwie czego BIZ został postawiony w roku 2011 przed wyzwaniem zapewnienia wydajnych, opłacalnych usług typu Fulfillment dla przedsiębiorców planujących wejść na grecki rynek.

Gwałtowny wzrost branży e-commerce był istotnym czynnikiem, który przyspieszył dalszy rozwój usług BIZ Fulfillment. Od tego czasu BIZ sukcesywnie się rozwija i tworzy europejską sieć centrów Fulfillment, zaczynając od Cypru, przez Hiszpanię, Włochy, Węgry, Bułgarię, a ostatnio Niemcy (2021), wszędzie oferując swoim klientom szeroki zakres rozwiązań w zakresie usług logistycznych typu Fulfillment oraz Dostaw Ostatniej Mili.


In our collaboration with BIZ Courier, we have been and continue to be impressed by their professionalism, their fast and efficient approach to work. We wish to see BIZ Courier grow their business in Europe and are convinced that they offer a truly innovative approach to courier services & logistics.

Thomas Kloos

.kloss br CEO


Our reason for choosing BIZ Courier was made on the basis of their extremely prompt service. Right from the start, we realized that they were truly professional and, of course, have responded to our every need to the fullest extent possible.

Thanks again BIZ Courier for an impeccable collaboration.

Warm regards,

Alexandros Velivasakis

CANDIA br Digital Marketing Specialist


Trustful and fast working company. Recommended especially for their high level of professionalism in their services.

A partner you can rely on!!

Vasiliki Hatzikosta

Travelport br Assistant Company Secretary


BIZ Courier continuously progresses and provides more and more services on a daily basis. It supports us and always responds to our needs with immediacy, consistency and speed. Its continually updated website has made matters easier for us and helps us prepare our shipments within a few minutes, print our vouchers. In addition, we have access to immediate information of our shipment's cost and everything gets delivered. We can also check our account balance any time we want. The staff members are nice, polite and always willing to provide us for the best service.

Vasiliki Pagoni

Zamas Ltd br Order Proccesing


After a year of co-operation with you, I am very happy to review of our so far co-operation. At first, I would like to congratulate you on your willingness, commitment and the professional service that you offer our clients directly and us indirectly during the management and delivery of our orders.

Special recommendations should be given to Konstantinos Leontiadis who provides an excellent service especially regarding our communicationconcerning shipments and stock (storage) issues. Our customers often thank and congratulate us and this of course is also because of you for your swift delivery of the orders. As far as our stock management in your storage is concerning, you have indeed managed to provide advanced services of stock control and management using the simplest tools (Pegasus platform and this makes our work far more easier.

We thank you and hope that your excellent service will be continued.

Armantos Katsioloudes

Cinnersstores br Support Team


Our option to select BIZ Courier for the redirection and shipment of our envelopes and other services was absolutely right. Biz Courier responded to our call through its Customer Service Department,answering any of our questions concerning the shipment, delivery, cost and the whole range of their services generally. Everything adheres to our agreement and of course we are totally satisfied by their services, co-operation and professionalism. BIZ Courier’s associates are efficiently qualified and they always support us with politeness and respect.

We wish BIZ Courier to continue its dynamic progress in the field it operates and maintain of course the high quality of its services.

Efstratios Malamos

FLEX OFFICE br Managing Director


For the past 8 years Grapsa Educational Group trusts only one enterprise for its shipments and this is BIZ Courier. Every year we expand in Attica and the provinces so our demands grow. BIZ Courier with its continuous evolving progress, provides more and more, supports us and always responds to our needs with immediacy, consistency and speed. It’s continually updated website has made matters easier for us. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare my shipments, print the vouchers and everything gets delivered. The staff members get better year by year and support us always with a big smile for our best service.

Well done and Bravo!!!!

Ageliki Kalaitzoglou

Grapsa Educational Group br Network Administrative Functions Manager


BIZ Courier has shown great flexibility and alacrity concerning the addressing of Military Club’s needs. Its executives are fully equipped while their immediate response to each one of our requests, their friendly and at the same time professional attitude always combined with a high level of quality and service is commendable. They truly support us with consistency and efficiency.

We thank you!

Zisis Michalopoulos

Military Club br CEO


BIZ Courier enterprise provides fast, trustful and economic service regarding the dispatch and delivery of any postal item to any destination. It takes one simple telephone call and a gentle polite and prompt staff member is ready to receive documents or parcels. Additionally, it provides valid details on any shipment’s progress and immediate online update on the delivery‘s accurate time.

Congratulations to the whole BIZ Courier’s team!

Garifallia Yuri

Cyprus Tourism Organization br Information Support Assistant/ Accountant


Our co-operation with BIZ Courier started 7 years ago and up to now it is the only express parcel distribution company we trust and have as a permanent associate. Your liability, your pleasant will for service, the immediate recommended resolutions to any possible problems may arise and the continuing improvement of your services are only few of the reasons that made us choose your company for our shipments’ service. Through all these years of our co-operation not once has a problem arisen concerning the timely deliveries even if the volume of our shipments may be big many times.

We thank you for your excellent co-operation and wish you are always pioneers in what you do.

Ioanna Loukaki

Farmer expo br Sales and Marketing Organization Consultant


Our co-operation with BIZ Courier has solved the significant problem of shipping and delivery of documents or parcels that we encountered as we are a company located in an east Aegean island. The immediate and friendly communication as well as the professional dealing with our needs result in fast and economic dispatch and delivery without lacking in quality.

Nectaria Kalisperi

ELEKTRO-LYSEIS br Electric Devices Sales and Service


Given the economic problems of the last few years we wanted to provide free shipping of our products throughout Greece. We had, therefore, to find a reliable but .......... economic courier!! We thought that this was not going to be an easy task !! However, our Cooperation with BizCourier made our “wishes" a reality!!

Reliability, professionalism, economy ........... !!!!!

We have been able to facilitate our customers by FREE direct delivery !!!

Thanks BIZ !!!



As a client of BIZ COURIER I felt moved to write this review of this company which provides a reliable, efficient and professional service! No consignment is too great or small for them! For instance, I have had them deliver a whole houseful of furniture abroad and a fragile electronic device all of which arrived completely intact. But I have also used them to deliver documents very near home! BIZ courier’s Personnel are friendly, polite and informative and always go that extra mile to provide the personal touch. Due to their tracking system, I am kept up to date with my consignment and its delivery date, very helpful considering my busy schedule! Yes, I would definitely recommend BIZ Courier to anyone!!

Jean Mayers

Nasze europejskie lokalizacje usług typu fulfillment

Naszą wizją na kolejne lata jest rozszerzenie zasięgu działania BIZ na całą Unię Europejską, oferując usługi typu Time Critical Fulfillment oraz szeroką gamę opcji Dostaw Ostatniej Mili. Dzięki temu będziemy mogli zapewnić biznesom e-commerce z całego świata szybki dostęp na rynki europejskie. Wszystko to w połączeniu z wewnętrznym rozwojem potężnego oprogramowania do zarządzania magazynem, integracją plug-in ze wszystkimi popularnymi platformami e-commerce (sprzedaż detaliczna i hurtowa), Open Source APIs do połączenia z CRM lub ERP Twojej Firmy, a także z zastosowaniem aplikacji takich jak EasyBIZ dla mniejszych firm, to elementy niezbędne do ustanowienia skutecznego świadczenia usług logistycznych w modelu 4PL.

Zachętą do osiągnięcia naszych ambitnych celów jest pionierskie podejście z jakim podchodzimy do naszych klientów, którym oferujemy narzędzia do realizacji dostaw na rynki i do miejsc, o których nigdy wcześniej nie myśleli, bez marnowania cennego czasu i pieniędzy.