Partnership with Inout Trade

Partnership with Inout Trade

Why finding the right partners to do business with is very important.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our new partner in Bulgaria, InOut Trade, their Managing Partner Dimitrov Svetlozar and his lovely team, for all their hard work and dedication put in these few last days.

It has been an honor to be given the opportunity to present our business, to many of the key players of the Bulgarian e-commerce industry through Darik Radio, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria and through the event that took place in the heart of Sofia.

Bulgaria has always been a country that has a special place in my heart as it was the first that provided me with loyal customers helping BIZ to grow to what it is today. A European Fulfillment Network that has delivered more than 3.000.000 orders within the past 3 years. Over than 90% percent of these orders were fulfilled by our contracted warehouses in Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary etc.

InOut Trade has so far proven its commitment to our vision. A vision to provide a qualitative, fast, simple and economic service to any e-commerce business that wants to get its goods delivered to the door of every citizen in the European Union. Further to their commitment, they have incorporated all those elements that are necessary to support such a vision. Elements such as the BIZ IT infrastructure (WMS software, Software Systems Integration with the domestic last mile delivery companies, Clients local application EasyBIZ etc.) and our Business Protocol combined with InOut Trade’s experience and willingness to maintain a high customers satisfaction and retention rate.

I am extremely happy for this partnership and also very positive, that it will open new horizons to the Bulgarian e-commerce business.

Paul Duff