Hungary warehouse

BIZ in Hungary − A HUB offering Efficient Distribution in the wider Region

Located just off the M0 Budapest Ring, BIZ Courier & Logistics S.A. Hungary emerges as a dedicated centre for e-commerce logistics . Our core focus lies in providing Last Mile and Fulfillment services, essential for the smooth functioning of e-commerce operations across eight countries. Our strategic position, near key transport routes, allows us to offer efficient, direct delivery services, pivotal for the fast-paced world of online retail, with special emphasis placed on speedy Cash-on-Delivery as a primary payment method. This geographic leverage facilitates our ability to connect effortlessly in all directions - North, East, South, and West - reinforcing our role as an integral component of the e-commerce supply chain in the region.

Comprehensive Services for Diverse Needs

Our facility in Hungary adeptly handles a wide range of logistics demands. We process a significant portion of our monthly output here, emphasising our capacity for managing large volumes. Additionally, our daily operations include the efficient handling of thousands of parcels, underlining our commitment to robust cross-border delivery services. Our partnerships with leading couriers ensure the highest quality in last-mile delivery, complemented by backup options to uphold our standards.

Key Features of BIZ Courier & Logistics Hungary

These features highlight the unique strengths and capabilities of our Hungarian centre, underscoring our commitment to providing top-tier logistics services :

  • Strategically Located: Positioned just off the M0 (Budapest Ring), providing comprehensive access to all major motorways in every direction.
  • Dedicated Line Haul Network: We operate our own line haul network, ensuring efficient last mile deliveries to surrounding countries.
  • Partnerships with Leading Couriers: Collaborating with top market couriers for first-choice delivery solutions.
  • Robust Backup Systems: In place with alternative last mile courier partners to maintain service quality.
  • High-Volume Handling Capacity: Capable of processing an additional 5,000 parcels daily as part of our extensive cross-border network.
  • Compliance and Safety: Fully compliant with all necessary permits for storing non-perishable food products.

Tailored Solutions for E-Commerce Expansion

We recognise the complexities of e-commerce and respond with customised solutions. Our services integrate smoothly with various online platforms, providing real-time insights into shipments and inventory levels. The multilingual support we provide is crucial in facilitating clear communication and enhancing customer relations across diverse linguistic landscapes.

Complementing this, our facility in Hungary stands as a pivotal hub in our network, uniquely positioned to efficiently support eight countries:

  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Poland
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia

This strategic location is a powerhouse of productivity, responsible for nearly one-third of our total monthly production. Additionally, our Hungary location offers comprehensive services such as secure and affordable locker delivery options, and a full returns service designed to make the return process as seamless as the purchase. The seamless return service, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust, is available in all supported countries, either in the form of carrier pickup or via locker drop-off.

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Hungary (BD)

Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia & Croatia

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Romania, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia & Croatia

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Join Us in Reshaping Logistics

The BIZ Courier & Logistics S.A. team in Hungary invites businesses looking to expand their reach or improve their operational efficiency to partner with us. Our expert team, strategic location, and advanced logistics solutions position us as leaders in the industry, ready to support your growth and success. For a comprehensive understanding of our services, contact us now.