8 Year Partnership with Asmen Logistics

Celebrating an 8 year long cooperation with our Official Partner for Spain and Portugal, Asmen Logistics! A trusted member of our Biz EU Network, Biz and Asmen together have fulfilled and delivered over 1.500.000 orders of Biz Courier & Logistic’s clients. Asmen fulfills all incoming orders and manages its Warehouses via our WMS and Fulfillment application EasyBiz FP.

Asmen & BizCourier sărbătoresc o cooperare de 8 ani

Asmen Logistics is an official agent of the Spanish Last Mile Delivery company Tip-sa Mensajeria and enjoys an extremely high percentage of customer satisfaction by providing high quality delivery services for its customers in both Spain and Portugal. If you are planning to deliver your goods in Spain and Portugal and you need a reliable fulfillment provider, you are in the right place! Click below and join the e-commerce revolution now!